Wisconsin state law allows WPMCA to obtain vehicle registration information on your behalf from the Wisconsin Public Abstract Request System (PARS) to help you recover losses due to a drive-off. You can then demand payment from the vehicle owner plus a service charge of up to $30.

Questions? Contact Christopher Luther at [email protected] or 608-256-7555.

STEP 1: Purchase a PARS report

WPMCA members pay $10 per request. This covers the fee charged to WPMCA by the State of Wisconsin for each lookup plus administrative costs. Non-members pay $25 per request.

Go to to purchase a PARS report. You can buy one lookup now, or as many as you think you will need in the future.

STEP 2: Submit incident details

Send us details of the incident using the Gas Drive-Off Request Form. Once we process this form we will send you the vehicle owner's contact information.

STEP 3: Send notice to the vehicle owner

Fill out and mail a Notice and Demand of Payment for Motor Fuel to inform the vehicle owner that you are demanding payment for fuel obtained during a drive-off, plus a service fee of up to $30. If you do not receive payment, the notice serves as your first step in pursuing a civil process.